zANTI Hacking (Guide and Apk Download) 2019

zANTI Hacking

zANTI is a penetrating testing toolkit (hacking application) developed by Zimperium Mobile Security for cyber professionals. zANTI is a penetrating testing toolkit (hacking application) developed by Zimperium Mobile Security for cyber professionals. allows you to simulate spammy (malicious) attacks on a network. To get the loopholes in it. With the help of zANTI, you can perform various types of operations such as MITM attacks, MAC address spoofing, scanning, password auditing, vulnerability checks and much more. This android toolkit is perfect for hackers.

How to use zANTI?

  1. Download the app from above given Link.
  2. Open the app, Install and Grant Root Permissions.
  3. Enter your E-mail Address and then check for “I Accept Zimperium EULA” then Enable the Start Now.
  4. Then if you want to Join zNetwork tap on Enable otherwise skip it.
  5. Then Enable the zANTI By checking “I am fully authorized to perform penetration testings on the network” box.
  6. Tap On Finish and the list of various IP Addresses will be shown.

Note: Check for the device for shellshock and SSL poodle vulnerability.


What is zANTI capable of (Uses)?

  1. Device’s MAC address changer.
  2. Creating malicious WiFi hotspot.
  3. Hijacking HTTP sessions.
  4. Capture downloads.
  5. ModifyHTTP requests and responses.
  6. Exploit routers.
  7. Audit password.

How to create MALICIOUS WIFI hotspot :

Step 1: Click the menu on left and select zTether and turn ‘on’ the Tether controls. See who is in your network. Make sure all are using your hotspot. Take a look at what they are doing in your network you’ll be able to control and hijack devices and traffic.


Step 2: Now you’ll see all the Http requests and Images and sessions hijacking.

Things you’ll be able to do ‘redirect HTTP and redirect HTTPS to HTTP’, Replace images. WebPages and capture downloads. All these tools are performing in a particular or specific IP address also.

zANTI apk Download Official link

How to see all the HTTP requests in a specific IP address:

Tap the logged request then you will get some options like session, passwords, and requests and so on. See all images that are transferred to your network, by taping on view images. Now to see a particular IP address of data using the man in the middle attack.

Step 1: Look for Man in the Middle Attack option.
Step 2: Here we need to know a particular IP address, HTTP requests and SSL strip.
Step 3: To know HTTP redirect, tap the SSL strip enable.
Step 4: Replace a particular image you.

How To Use Mac Changer:

1. Use the Navigation Keys and You”ll get the MAC Changer option in the List.
2. Go to the menu Click on “CHANGE MAC Address” option and then “Set New MAC Address”. Wait for execution and You”ll get the New MAC Address.

NOTE:- You can get a Custom MAC Address by unchecking “Generate Random” and then Type the desired Address you want. Next, Tap On “Set New MAC Address”.


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